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FacebookTwitter is a web-based marketing portal that puts you in complete control of the marketing production process for your bank – all for a fraction of your current marketing costs. As a registered user you will have access to thousands of professionally designed marketing materials and over 9 million stock photos.

​ has proven to be so successful that banks of all sizes are now using this valuable service nationwide.

Program Benefits:
  • 20% discount for OBA members.    
  • Web-based and easy to use. No software required.
  • Software routes ad materials through bank’s compliance approval process.
  • Order history allows ad materials to be reviewed by regulators.
  • Professional advertising and marketing materials can be produced in seconds.
  • Change ad copy, photos, layout size, fonts and font sizes.
  • Select from over 9 million stock photos through Getty Images.
  • Select and use local media and printers.
  • Unarchive previous ads and edit them in seconds.
  • Users can have their photo and personal info automatically appear on ad materials.
  • Private labeled marketing sites can be developed.
  • Letter templates eliminate bad grammar and misspelled words. Databases can be added, with completed letters produced and printed in seconds.

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